Prayer Honoring the Name of Jesus

O my Jesus,

Write your Name on my heart and on my tongue,
in order that when I am tempted to sin,
     I may resist by invoking you;
so that if I am tempted to despair,
     I may trust in your merits;
and that if I feel myself tepid in loving you,
     your Name may inflame my heart at the
recollection of how much you have loved me.

Your Name, then, will always be
my defense,
my comfort,
and the fire that shall keep me always Inflamed with your love.

Make me, therefore, always to call your Name, my Jesus,
and to live and die with your Holy Name on my lips,
saying even with my last breath,
I love Thee, My Jesus,
My Jesus, I love Thee.

– St. Alphonsus Liguori

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